The Benefits of an Insulated Dog House


Just like us, a dog needs a shelter and a safe area as his home, because a dog that is allowed to run loose will get lost, stolen, or hit by a car. Besides, it is against the law if dog owners do not provide a dog house for their dog. Therefore, it is important that we provide our dog maximum amount of protection from the dangers outside our homes, as well as protection from the elements.

With an insulated dog house, your dog is kept safe from the extreme heat as well as the extreme cold. So, whatever are the changes in weather and air temperature, the kind of insulating material used in the dog house at this website can maintain the temperature in the dog house constant and comfortable for the dog to stay. If there is no insulation and the dog shelter is simply the ordinary type of dog house, there is grave danger of the dog’s immune system to weaken due to the exposure to extreme temperature differences, and when the immune system is weakened, that makes the dog susceptible to illness. A warm, cozy dog house is what a dog needs to ensure he is in the best of health, free from infection due to a weak immune system.

Heat transfer happens in three ways: conduction, when heat travels through objects; convection, when heat travels through air or water; radiation when heat travels through light. All these types of heat transfer can be diminished in an insulated dog house. Basically, an insulated dog house is made out of wood, particularly cedar wood, knowing that wood is a good insulating material. And not only that, the prices of this type of dog house is reasonable and they come in a range of attractive designs and sizes. Visit us for tips.

Depending on the kind of dog breed you have, a dog house should just be big enough for the dog to stand, turn around and lie down. When your residence is located in regions where extreme weather environments are a daily part of living, heated and air conditioned dog houses are a practical choice for the dog’s safety and comfort. There are descriptions of this kind of a dog house, such as a R-value, which means R-value is a number that is assigned on the effectiveness of the dog house’s insulation. Having insulated dog houses don’t’ just keep your dog warm during the winter months, but your dog is kept cool during the summer months. Check out this website at for more details about dog kennels.


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